Art gallery

Gallery Artes has 30 years of tradition in art sales, art exhibitions and consultancy in the selection of fine art. Our established gallery is in Nova Gorica on Sedejeva street 6 and in Pedrovo, part of House Artes.


Latest artworks in online shop

Our collection consists mostly of works by established slovene artists.

Below, you can search through our collection for your favourite artist or proceed straight to our shop.


With many years of expertise, we offer profession guidance in choosing your artwork, help with setting up exhibitions or setting up your artworks at your house. We can even make visualization of your chosen artwork at your prefered wall in your house so the choice is easier for you.


We do also purchase interesting artworks from slovene painters, focused on local artworks.

If you are interested in selling your artworks, please send us an e-mail on: or call us on +386 5 300 27 66.


Most of the artworks in our collection are framed, because we strongly support framing your artwork. It protects the artwork, adds aditional value and ‘frames’ it. With years of experience, we can professionaly suggest the right frame for your work in our atelier Artes.


House Artes is a house and a gallery in one. It’s staying at an apartment and enjoying beautiful art or choosing your next art purchase. All while enjoying beautiful little village of Pedrovo with it’s  amazing views over the valley.