Jože Tisnikar (1928-1998)

The printer was a self-taught painter. He worked for a long time as an autopsy assistant in the dissection room of the Slovenj Gradec hospital. Between 1954 and 1964, he formed his paintings under the mentorship of the academic painter Karel Peček in Slovenj Gradec. He became esteemed among the people, educated painters and critics. He received the Prešeren Fund Award in 1970 for paintings exhibited in 1969. He was a painter who was also recognized and appreciated abroad. He is best known for his depictions of ravens and dark images of the dead, funerals, landscapes and self-portraits. His works of art are full of expressive and existentialist content. He created drawings and paintings in various techniques, especially in the encaustic technique. He died as a pedestrian in a car accident, shortly after the opening of a large retrospective exhibition in a gallery in Slovenj Gradec in July.

After his death, a monument to him, the work of Mirsad Begić, was erected in front of the gallery.